5 Popular Myths About Hair Care You Should Ignore

A hair dye damages hair, shampoos with sulfates are evil, and the best masks are made of yogurt and egg yolks. We live in the 21st century, we use all the available benefits of civilization, but we still believe in these ancient beauty myths.

Here are most popular myths about hair care.

Beauty-Myth № 1: Sulphates in shampoos are evil
Yes, this is a myth. At first, sulfates are different. Aggressive foaming agents of technical purpose (which, for example, are used in dishwashing detergents) will never be part of professional cosmetics. Imagine that you choose sausages. Some of them are more expensive; others are cheaper. And, most likely, the first ones have more natural ingredients than the second ones. The same with sulfates: high-level shampoos contain sulfates made of natural ingredients and in an amount that does not harm hair. Pay attention to the pH of the shampoo. The optimal is 4.5-5.5. If the pH is higher, there is a chance of getting dry or brittle hair.

Beauty-Myth № 2: Hair dye spoils hair
There is an opinion that hair staining has a negative effect on the health of the hair. Perhaps in the 70s of the last century, this was true, but today the producers pay great attention to the conditioning and caring components in the dye composition. So sometimes staining, on the contrary, can improve the condition of the hair. Of course, if you use quality hair dyes of professional brands.

Beauty-Myth № 3: Dyes without ammonia are safe
Our hair is very strong (even if you don’t think so). It is the strongest part of our body after teeth! And in order to paint it, you need aggressive components, for example, ammonia. In modern dyes, the amount of ammonia is strictly regulated. Therefore, properly selected home care and salon procedures will completely eliminate all negativity. Many girls prefer dyes without ammonia, considering them safer. But it is a myth! The only advantage of such dyes is that they do not smell. But, since the ingredient itself is rather mild, it is added at a higher concentration than ammonia. As a result, such dyes will not exactly be “safer” than ammonia.

Beauty-Myth № 4: You do not need to use hair conditioners and masks because it is just a piece of marketing

How do you care for your skin? You can not just clean it up and assume that you have a complete care. The same with hair. Shampoo cleans. The conditioner closes the “loosened” cuticle and makes the hair smoother and more pliable to styling. The masks “work” for the improvement of hair, bringing to their structure useful ingredients and building materials. Indelible care products, depending on their purpose, can enhance the conditioning properties, solve the problem of split ends, protect from the effects of high temperatures during styling and the negative influence of the environment.

Beauty-Myth № 5: Homemade hair care products are better than professional
Many girls are trying to prepare their hair care products from “natural products”, believing that it is the most healthy and useful. Of course, eggs, sour cream or yoghurt contain some of the ingredients useful for hair. But the masks from these products are appropriate only if you live in a remote village or in the Arctic Circle, where there is simply no access to professional care products.