Choosing a flat iron

Choosing a flat iron is not as difficult CHI Guitar Blue Flat Iron as you may imagine when you look at all of the different options on the market today. With just a few considerations you can find and purchase the best flat iron for your hair, your needs, and your styling capabilities. Luckily, all flat irons are relatively easy to use, though it will take a bit of practice to become as efficient as possible with a flat iron.

Heat Considerations

When choosing a flat iron you need to start by choosing one that will heat to the temperature that you need it to. The most important consideration is when you have curly or coarse hair. The curlier or more course your hair CHI Camo Collection Pink is the hotter temperature that you will need to achieve a straight look. The best option is to choose a flat iron with variable settings as those who have fine hair or colored hair will need to use a lower setting of about 300 while those with coarse hair will need to use a temperature of about 400 degrees.

Plate Considerations

There are many different flat irons on the market today but you want chi flat iron official website to look at those that have ceramic plates. The reason for this is that the ceramic plates heat much more evenly, which will provide a straighter, smoother and healthier looking finished product. Flat irons without the ceramic plates may have hot spots that will damage the hair.

Advanced Options

If you have hair that simply does not straighten easily, you may need to consider more advanced options in a flat iron. Your best option is going to be a flat iron that is ceramic but also uses a tourmaline technology in the plates. chi hair straightener The tourmaline is beneficial because it will emit negative ions which help to create a very soft and silky finished style.

Plate Sizes

When shopping, you may notice that flat irons come in different sizes with plates ranging from 1 3/8 inch to two inches or wider. If you have short hair you want to buy a flat iron with thinner plates ranging from ? to one inch as this size makes chi flat iron it easier to straighten short hair. If you have long hair you should purchase a flat iron with wider plates ranging from 1 3/8 to two inches wide. These larger plates will allow you to straighten larger sections of hair, allowing for one to streamline the styling process.