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Pro-X Clear Acne Protocol – A complete 3 step daily skin care regimen that includes, Clinically proven technology to help bring acne under control for consistently clear, even complexion, Professionally designed products to reduce the look of enlarged pores and uneven texture in just 4 weeks and Expert formulation to balance moisture levels and minimize the appearance of oily skin throughout hormonal fluctuations.

In the past 6 months I have graduated from law school (after a killer finals period) and I have been studying for the Bar exam. My face broke out worse these past 6 months from stress than it ever did when I was in high school. I have tried proactive (highly allergic) and the stuff for teenagers does not work on my adult skin (too harsh). My skin noticeably improved after just one use of this product-even my parents commented. Some comments about the products:

  1. Cleanser- does not foam (which I know can bother some people), very soothing, not drying.
  2. Treatment-absorbs into skin well, doesn’t burn. I have been following the directions on the package (use 1-3x a day) and only using it once a day because I think more than that would be too drying. Another Note- does have a slight smell to it that might be off-putting to some people.
  3. Lotion- I was surprised when I first used this and discovered it to be more of a gel as opposed to a traditional lotion. It isn’t greasy and does a good job of balancing out the treatment. Note- does not contain SPF.

The only downside to the kit is that it is slightly expensive and the individual pieces are somewhat small, but compared to something like proactive it isn’t that bad. Since the products are new and not available individually, I could see running out of one step and then having to buy another kit to replace it.