Why Do Mature Women Think They Should Get Short Haircuts?

A vast majority of mature women have opted to go with short haircuts, often ones that are not exactly flattering. However, it’s not always a matter of a choice, rather an evolutionary process that slowly creeps up.

During the years when motherhood is a priority, many women begin to cut their hair, shorter and shorter, as a practical solution to fussing with long hair. The problem is that hair tends to grow less and less as women age and by the time they reach 45 or 50, the option to have longer hair has passed. Therefore short haircuts end up being default styles.

On the other hand, many mature women find their hair becomes thinner and less attractive after menopause and, in an attempt to gain volume, choose shorter and shorter cuts. Are shorter styles an effective way to get volume? Not really. A medium-length hairstyle that’s maintained, conditioned to avoid split ends, and styled either up or down, will look just as full (or as thin) as a short style. Layering and adding permanent waves is not a good idea because it will make the hair weaker, and eventually thinner and thinner.

Medium short haircuts are the ideal for women from ages 45 to 50 plus. Why? They are more versatile, more elegant, and offer the possibility to be worn up or down. The ends can be cut to give a crisp look, yet allowing curly hair to be straightened, or straight hair to be curled from time to time.

For ideas on hairstyles that suite mature women check out a book called “The Professional’s Illustrated Guide to Haircare & Hairstyles” which is the hardcover edition of the recent book by Nicky Pope (to be released at the end of September 2010), and includes 300 hairstyles and techniques for cutting shapes. It’s about modern simplicity with a chic sophistication and offers some good ideas for ladies to avoid falling into the short haircut trap too soon.